Feb 2018 Competition Results

Jan 2018

February 2018 monthly internal club competition results are in!

"Flowers" was the theme and we got some colourful results!

Many thanks to the judge and organisers for their time and effort.


1st ‘Chrysanthemum’ by Jacki Hildreth.

2nd ‘Peace Lily’ by Janet Hastie.

3rd ‘Alison’s Rose’ by John Turner.

3rd ‘Fox and Cubs’ by John Turner.


1st ‘Common Cottongrass’ by Paul Tymon.

2nd ‘Orchid’ by John Turner.

2nd ‘Chrysanthemum Close-up’ by Robert Child.

3rd ‘Bloomin’ Marvellous’ by Robert Child.

Click here to find the photos in the gallery.

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