Dec 2015 Competition Results

The December 2015 monthly internal club competition results are in!

"Humour" was the theme which was sure to produce some brilliant and varied photos.

Not an easy task for the judge who could only laugh throughout the judging process!


1st The [Vampire] Wench is Dead by John Turner

2nd He's Done it Again by Paul Tymon

Equal 3rd:

Footrest by Arthur Stockill &

[Gents] Toilet Humour by John Turner


1st No Publicity, Please! by Andrew Kent

Equal 2nd:

I Thought you Were Getting Tea by Paul Tymon

The Laughing Seal by Barbara Bateman

Best Foot Forward by Paul James

Equal 3rd:

Parking Bay by Liz Blades

Whoops by Sue Horsley

Breathe In by Elise Garland

Click here to find the photos in the gallery.

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